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Dec 28, 2007 - 2 minute read - CompendiumDev WebWatch

3 Free multi monitor utils

3 free utilities for a multi monitor setup:

I went looking for a tool to expand the taskbar into the other monitors and allow me to move maximised windows to other monitors.

UltraMon is a good shareware tool for doing this, it does a whole bunch of other stuff which I wasn’t using, but I got quite used to dragging maximised windows around. And then I found Multimon, which is freeware from the same people that make Real-Draw. Multimon, pretty much only does taskbar and moving maximised windows, which was exactly what I wanted so it is now installed on all my multi-monitor setups.

taskswitchxp is an Alt+Tab replacement. Previously I was using the Microsoft Alt+Tab replacement Powertoy but on a multimonitor setup I find it annoying to have the alt+tab window appear on a different monitor from the one that I am working on. Fortunately taskswitchxp has a setting which causes the selection window to appear on the monitor that you are working on. taskswitchxp also acts as a mini-process explorer by pressing F1 when viewing a process thumbnail.

And of course when it all goes wrong and you reshuffle your monitors or drop down to single monitor mode, there is always going to be one, or three, or half a dozen, applications that remember where they last were, even though that monitor doesn’t exist anymore, and that is why force window visible exists, to get that window back on screen. force window visible can also show hidden windows from some apps and might give you some test ideas about what to do next to the system under test.

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