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Mar 11, 2010 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Selenium Tools

Use Firefinder to help you construct Selenium CSS selectors

Looking through the archive of blog posts, I can see that I mentioned various tools for Xpath construction, but none for CSS selectors in Selenium. Let’s change that now… Firefinder helps you test your css selectors and XPath statements before committing them to Selenium code.

Firefinder, much like XPather or XPath Checker, allows you to type in a css selector and ‘filter’ the page with the css selector so you can see what matches the selector you entered.

The selected items are shown in a Firefinder pane in Firebug, and highlighted on the actual page itself.

Firefinder covers both Xpath and CSS so you can use it to help with both selection strategies, and potentially converting Xpath statements over to css.

The author (Robert Nyman) has a good description of Firefinder on his site, with a video showing the tool usage.

Make Firefinder part of your Selenium armoury.

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