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Dec 4, 2012 - 1 minute read - Evil Tester Webinars

The Evil Testers Guide to Technical Testing

On 4th December 2012 I presented a webinar for Eurostar. Becoming more technical, gives you more flexibility, more options, and gives you more ways that you can add value on a project.

The greater my technical understanding, the more I can identify tools to help me test effectively. Particularly in terms of observing the application, and manipulating the system (the application, the data, and the surrounding environment).

In this webinar I will encourage you to become ever more technical. I will do this by explaining what I mean by technical, describe the steps I take to keep my technical skills up to date, and show some of the tools I use.

More importantly, I will explain the models and thought processes that I adopt to make this part of my process.

Slides for Evil Tester’s Guide to Technical Testing Webinar

The slides are available to view at SlideShare

Recording of the Technical Testing Webinar

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