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Feb 1, 2013 - 2 minute read - Conferences Evil Tester Rants

You should submit to Conferences

Last post I said you ‘can’ submit to conferences. Now I say you ‘should’ submit.

For a while I didn’t submit to conferences and I let other people set the agenda for software testing. But sometimes I didn’t fully agree with them, and sometimes I disagreed. And I didn’t see anyone making quite the point I wanted to see made.

Fail: But I didn’t think that I had anything to offer, even though I had a different perspective on things.

Fail: But I still went to conferences listening to people spout things that I thought were nonsense.

Eventually I submitted for conferences.

Fail: But I missed a few conferences because_ _I planned to submit but never actually got around to doing it.

Win: I submitted to some conferences and didn’t get accepted. With each failed submission I generated more energy for getting my point across next time. And so I wrote more blogs, or submitted to another conference.

Win: And when I did get submitted, clearly that was a mark of excellence from the perspective of the conference organiser.

You should submit to conferences because then you get to form part of the 1% setting the Software Testing agenda. You should submit to conferences so that you recognise that you have something to say. You should submit to conferences so that you put yourself in a position where you have the opportunity to say it.

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