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1 minute read - Java For Testers Maven

Maven Troubleshooting FAQs and Tips

Aug 22, 2013

We use Maven in the Java For Testers book.

Once you have Maven running it tends to work fine. You mainly experience problems when you initially install it, at the point when you know how to nothing with Maven.

I listed the main steps and actions I take in a pdf which I released to Slideshare and Google Docs.

Tips are:

  1. Debug maven issues from the command line, not from the IDE
  2. Read the Error Messages
  3. Work through “Maven in 5 Minutes”
  4. Compile without running the tests
  5. Try and download manually
  6. Set the proxy settings
  7. Read the official FAQs
  8. Find more hints and tips lists
  9. Force an update of the dependencies
  10. Delete your local repository cache
  11. Force a purge of the local repository
  12. Look at the effective pom and settings
  13. Use the dependency tree view
  14. Experiment and try and fix it yourself

Nothing Earth shattering there. But all things I’ve done, and told other people to do, to fix their Maven setup.

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