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2 minute read - Dear Evil Tester Self Publishing Books

Some "Dear Evil Tester" Book Reviews

Jun 7, 2016

After publishing “Dear Evil Tester” I forgot to setup a Google Alert, but I set one up a few days ago and this morning it picked up a ‘book review’.

As far as I know, there are two book reviews out there in the wild:

I never know quite what I’ll find when I click on a book review, and having written a few reviews myself, I know how cutting they can be if the reader didn’t get on with the book.

Fortunately both Jason and Mel seemed to enjoy the book.

Jason has a lot of book notes and summaries on his web site. I’ve subscribed to his RSS feed now, so I’ll see what other books and quotes have resonated with him.
Mel wrote the book in a “Dear Evil Tester” letter style which included kind words about the book:

This book had me laughing at my desk and my coworkers wondering if I had gone around the bin. I was enchanted by the sarcasm and wit, but drawn to the practical advice you had in your answers given with the Evil Tester persona.

Mel also recommended a few other books to readers of her blog. I’ll let you jump over to her site and read the review to find out the other books she mentions.

Hopefully I’ll find new book reviews popping up occasionally, of course the sales and marketing department here at EvilTesting Towers might selectively choose which reviews we mention.

Thanks Mel, and Jason - and also thanks to those that reviewed on Amazon - Isabel, Lisa and B. Long

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