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Epic Experience 2020 - Tutorial and Talk

Automating Tactically and Strategically a talk about a high level distinction that makes a difference.

Epic Experience 2020

A tutorial on Technical Exploratory Testing within Agile Projects.

And a talk on How I Test Web Applications

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Alan is a Software Development and Test Consultant who helps teams improve their approach to Agile Development. Alan is the author of 4 books, several online training courses, programmer of the digital marketing tool, and various other testing support and training applications. Alan blogs at and you can find him on most social networks as @EvilTester

Agile Technical Exploratory Testing Workshop

Have you have ever worried about not going deep enough with your testing because you are working from Stories and Acceptance Criteria? Do you want to learn, and practice, testing and exploring web applications from technology perspective? This workshop will help. Working with applications, browser based games and APIs - specifically designed for testing - we will learn how to incorporate and justify technical exploratory testing into our Agile processes, and we’ll get hands on with tooling to help e.g. HTTP proxies, Dev Tools, API GUIs. We will also look at how to take notes and document our testing within the context of Agile project management. Bring a laptop and prepare to get hands on.

Key Areas we will cover:

  • Exploratory Testing in Agile
  • Going beyond Acceptance Criteria
  • Understanding and Exploring Technical Risk
  • Tooling to help work with Web Applications: HTTP Proxies, Dev Tools, JavaScript, HTML Validation
  • Improving our note taking and communciation of exploratory testing

Lessons Learned From Web Application Testing

Have you ever wondered how other people test applications? Not in theory, but in practice? What thought processes are used? How did they model the application? What tools were used? How did they track the testing? That’s what this talk is all about. This talk will be based on a short Case Study of testing an open source web application. Why open source? Because then there is no commercial confidentiality about the process, tools or thought processes. Alan will explain his thought processes, coverage, approaches, tools used, risks identified and results found. And generalise from this into reusable models and principles that can be applied to your testing. This covers the What?, and the Why? of practical exploratory web testing.

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