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You can sponsor this site or podcast.

I can help you get your message out through objective value add advocacy or sponsored, unobtrusive, marketing.

Sponsorship Advertising

Blog Sponsorship

The obvious way to get your brand out to a different audience is to sponsor the blog.

I have a sponsor bar on the site which you can pay to have your message displayed there on a month by month basis.

  • The message appears on every blog page
  • You have about 130 characters to get your message out
  • The message has a single url link that it can lead to
  • I would announce the start of the sponsorship on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • I would also mention your sponsorship in a newsletter
  • cost £1000 (+ VAT) for a month on the site
  • other time periods may be available - contact me and we can discuss

The message has to be approved prior to adding to the site. And not every sponsor will be accepted.

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Podcast Sponsorship

You could sponsor an episode of the Podcast.

  • Your company would be mentioned at the start of the Podcast
  • And at the end of the Podcast
  • Your short message and link would be added to the show notes
  • The Podcast is syndicated as an audio format through itunes, spotify, etc.
  • The Podcast is also added as a video on YouTube

The message has to be approved prior to agreeing inclusion in the Podcast. Not all sponsors will be accepted.

This is a much longer marketing opportunity because the Podcast episode is not changed once it is released and only one company can sponsor each episode.

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If you want other advocacy and marketing options then contact me and I’ll share how I can help with your YouTube marketing.


Contact me to discuss how we can collaborate on an effective marketing strategy for your product.