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Collated Collection of Evil Tester Comics

Jan 2, 2020

These comics have been collated here from individual blog posts over the years.

They were re-published as part of Dear Evil Tester

Evil Tester Explains… Software Testing Strategy #27, Find The Big BugFirst

Evil Tester Explains… The Testing Progress Report

Evil Tester Explains… Agile Testing

That’s right comic book fans… ‘Agile’ gets everywhere and it ain’t easy. It takes time. It takes practice.

‘Agile’ requires more than shimmying into your old ninja costume and joining an ‘Agile’ team.

“Why Ninjas?”… because on an ‘Agile’ project “Everyone ‘does’ testing”. And each member of the team brings specialist knowledge and specialist skills. And like every band of Ninjas, the ‘Agile’ team has to work together to maximise the value of all those skill combinations.

Oh, and because Ninja costumes just feel super comfortable - you like feeling comfortable right?

Go Ninja.

Evil Tester Explains… The Test Plan

We all know by now the following things about test plan documents:

  • a test plan document does not substitute for the process of test planning,
  • a test plan document represents one way of communicating the results of the test planning process,
  • the process of test planning stops only when you stop testing (even then, you might obsess so much that you carry on planning)

I didn’t always know those things.

Comic About a Test Plan

Test Techniques Evolve

Observation –> Taxonomy Entry –> Heuristic –> Technique –> Children’s Story –> ?

“Observation –> Taxonomy Entry –> Heuristic –> Technique –> Children’s Story –> ?”

  • I may have some of the arrows the wrong way around in the above diagram. After all, who really knows what influences what.
  • And as to the “?”, I hope that you decide what comes next.