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6 minute read - Monthly Summaries

March, April, May 2023 Content Summary

Jun 4, 2023

Content Summary for March, April, May 2023 and Patreon.

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I didn’t manage to get around to uploading the summaries for March, April and May until now so I’ve combined them all together in one post.

A few things happened over the last few months which have taken my attention.

Twitter changed their API access and pricing, and that completely broke my Twitter Client The API costs make it completely non-viable, which is a pity as it really helped me read Twitter so now I barely use the platform.

The only functionality that I could salvage was the ‘favourites’ view. So now this is a manual set of favourites which can be used as a jumping off point for brand monitoring or specific searches on sites like LinkedIn, Reddit or Google News.

If more social media sites had APIs then I would extend the app to use them. I was just about to start experimenting with the Reddit API but then Reddit announced they were introducing API pricing.

All of this means that social media sites will find that people start scraping the content and using unofficial APIs and their extended eco-system starts to drop.

I investigated the User Management system userspice the documentation isn’t great, but it is aimed at people with programing skills so I just ended up reading the code when I was stuck. But now my Patreon Bonus site has an actual membership section so I can, in the future, extend access to the content to people beyond patreon. And I have a basic escrow LMS, so when the sites that I have hosted my courses on eventually go bust, I may be able to migrate people on to my userspice powered LMS.

This also means that if any companies are interested in getting access to the content, e.g. if a team of 10+ testers wanted to access my Conference Talk Archive, or any of the Patreon Exclusive Training Courses I now have a mechanism for doing that if they contact me.

I’ve also restarted my Podcast and although the schedule will vary I think I can probably do an episode every two weeks.

And if you are interested in any of the courses or ebooks on TesterHQ or content below, then individuals can sign up to Patreon for as little as $1 a month and get immediate access.

Patreon Posts For March 2023

I realised that I was overthinking my ftp testing.

‘It’s just a quick hack to get something working, we’ll sort it out later’ I imagine that this was what was said when the script I’m curr

‘Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth’ reminds me that over-specialisation, or the perception thereof, can lead to extinction.

What actually is 3 Amigos?

Many companies at the moment are getting rid of people and cutting costs. A focus on cost is almost certainly going to obscure value.

The challenge of computer generated content.

One of the hard things about modelling while testing is that you don’t know the scope or form of the system when you start.

Purely open source and free alternative tooling.

This last week I’ve been chasing error messages.Some were helpful.Some led me down rabbit holes that were completely unhelpful.

Twitter is broken…

This is a list of content I posted in February 2023.

The PDF for all Patreon and blog content for February 2023 is attached to this post.

The PDF for all Patreon and blog content for January 2023 is attached to this post.

This is a list of content I posted in January 2023.Back to Index of all monthly summariesBlog Posts For January 2023What is Software Testing

Trying to resolve differences between Automated Unit test behaviour in different environments.

Patreon Posts For April 2023

Going back to learn the basics of Unix CLI usage.

GO TO is a journalistic history of programming languages.

Do testers become bad programmers?

The end of my twitter api application.

Many testing skils have a direct implementation in management.

The most common Testing Entities that I’ve encountered over the years.

I was thinking about use of language describing concepts.

I was thinking through what I need to track to help me learn a technology. Particularly when trying to learn multiple technologies at once.

I was thinking about the difference between programming knowledge required for automating vs that required for programming.

Nas and backup options

I received a question via email from someone who became an SDET because they thought they were not as good at coding as other developers.

Patreon Posts For May 2023 was an old domain name that I had floating around for a while and didn’t use, so I set it up as a Learning Management System

Old code can be hard to read, refactor it and remove code that isn’t used.

Bending the rules for process change.

Adding user authentication and management to TesterHQ

The most common Testing Entities that I’ve encountered over the years the audio podcast version.

The most common Testing Entities that I’ve encountered over the years discussed as video with show notes.

I’ve just recorded a new podcast episode based on an April Patreon post usingObsidian Canvas and other tools.

I wanted to experiment with Jupyter labs and had to use docker to do so.

The Evil Tester Show, Manual Testing Episode - audio only version.

The next episode of The Evil Tester Show - ad free video version.

Lessons learned from creating a custom image.

a few useful linux commands in context

Example of using a Gruyere docker image.

Some tips I wrote for myself when learning docker.

My notes on docker after working through my self-study questions list.

Going back to learn the basics of Unix CLI usage.

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