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June Content Summary

Jul 9, 2023

Content Summary for June 2023 and Patreon with some recommended podcasts.

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I managed to create two podcast episodes in June. I was hoping to create an episode every two weeks but it might well only be once a month. The last two episodes took quite a lot of research and thinking about to condense quite a lot of information into a short space of time and try to keep it coherent.

I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts because they often take too much time. I find that I can’t listen to a podcast in the background and take in the content so I only listen to them when I’m out for a walk. And then when I get home, I have to re-listen to chunks in order to make notes because so many podcasts don’t create very thorough show notes.

To help me out, I’ve been experimenting with Open AI models for automated transcriptions and have created a personal tool which downloads podcasts and transcribes them locally. I’ll write more about that next month as it is one of this month’s experiments. But the github repo can be found here as I work on it.

I’m gradually adding testing and development podcasts to my auto transcribed list of podcasts and reading through the transcripts. I find it easier to let the tool work in the background for a day, and then spend an hour or so reading the transcripts than listening to 20 hours of podcasts.

Even though the tool is pretty crude at the moment it might prove useful to speed readers like myself or people who experience hearing loss and find the audio podcast format inaccessible.

The main podcasts I’ve been listening to recently are:

The Copywriters Podcast is an incredibly informative podcast on the people and techniques behind copywriting. Some of the interview shows are useful but I primarily prefer the shows where the main host David Garfinkel is covering either his experience or deep diving into the work of a classic copywriter.

The Hilaritus Press Podcast is an interview based format with people either discussing Robert Anton Wilson’s work or people who’s work overlaps with Wilson’s work in some way. The obvious episodes with an overlap to testing were the Claude Shannon Episode and the Marshall Macluhan Episode

Blog Posts For June 2023

Test Cases and Test Scripts are Test Entities, are they useful? Could we just use Test Conditions?

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What is the Test Automation Pyramid? Is it for Testing or Automating?

Patreon Posts For June 2023

Arguing against automating prior to having the ability to explore effectively.

Is shift left just normal effective Agile Development?

Web and SEO checking tools.

Kotlin has very good documentation, and the examples are editable and runnable in the browser.

Full show notes and transcript for Test Pyramid podcast episode

The audio version of episode 20 of The Evil Tester Show.

The video version of episode 20 of The Evil Tester Show.

Notes on additional research when prepping for my next podcast episode.

Adding some data into the DOM makes it easy to manipulate from the console.

What and why is a skip level meeting?

I’m currently making notes for my next podcast. Here I cover the order I build the outline.

Notes on the Black Belt Barrister with parallels to Software Testing

Is reviewing a valid approach to gaining or reducing confidence?

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