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Happy Testing New Year (for 2017)

Dec 31, 2016

Happy Testing New Year (for 2017)

TLDR; Happy New Year - And all the best for 2017 - resolve to make changes every day - don’t rely on a single point in the year.

I try to avoid New Year’s Resolutions.

I think we need to resolve to make changes every day.

But… The Evil Tester Sloganizer has a resolution template

for(var x=0;x<100;x++){
console.log("-" + process_sentence(sentences[30]));}

Here are some examples if you want some inspiration for making Resolutions…

I resolve to Question More Requirements

  • Take nothing for granted
  • Model “Testing” as a Questioning Process
  • I use techniques from Psychotherapy to ask questions
  • I recommend “The Structure of Magic” volumes 1 & 2 by Bandler and Grinder for good questioning ideas.
  • I wrote about this in “NLP meta model for testers
  • and here /conference/nstc2016_conference/

I think I might just create a log of what I explore

I suppose I could scrutinize ambiguity

  • You bet you could
  • The ‘meta model’ that I mentioned earlier covers how to do this
  • And I wrote about his a long time ago in a “Test Scripting” essay

I suppose I could write down what I learn

And, this is what I do. I keep a log of actions, decisions, todos, results, and things I learn. Over the course of the day it builds up and supports my end of day and periodic history reviews.
I do all of this in an Evernote which is titled “20161231 Day Notes - Saturday”, but I change the date, and the day of the week. The day of the week is to help me remember what day it is!

I made a resolution to practice so that I can test intelligently

And I do practice.

  • I create coding exercises,
  • I look for web sites that use technology I don’t understand.
  • I try to bypass GUIs that I don’t like.
  • I try to apply all the stuff I read in books from non-testing subjects to testing.

I practice so I can test better and with more deliberate thoughtful action.

Don’t Rely on a New Year’s Resolution

Renew and Revisit your resolutions every day.

  • Write down the actions you will take today (todo list).
  • Write down your “WHY?” - the things you are fighting against, the goals you want to hit, the results you want to achieve, the benefits you are working towards.
  • Throughout the day write down the actions that you take and the results you achieve.
  • At the end of the day, write down your why, and what you will do next.

And repeat. Every day. To keep renewing and working towards your resolutions.

Happy New Year - And all the best for 2017

Happy Software Testing New Year 2017 (slides)