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NLP For Testers

Feb 17, 2012

NLP for testers

This is the supporting web page for the talks, and papers, on “NLP for testers” which I presented at a variety of conferences".

There are some supporting reference material mentioned on this page which are not contained in the paper, either because of their topicality or their web specific nature.

NLP Meta Model For Testers

The Meta Model paper put out for comments to both the testing and NLP communities. I am more than happy to receive your comments

NLP Meta Model for Testers pdfNLP Meta Model for Testers [.pdf]

NLP A Brief Overview For Testers

A draft version of information that had to be edited out of the Meta Model paper and will form the basis for a more general introduction to NLP.

NLP for Testers pdfNLP for Testers [.pdf]

A Draft of a quick worked example of presupposition and NLP based testing

NLP States A Brief Overview For Testers

A draft version of a paper on states which formed the basis of part of the 90 minute tutorial on NLP for testers given at the BCS Sigist 07/12/2004. [.pdf]

The Presentation Slides

The slides for the 90 minute tutorial (Sigist 07/12/2004) [.pdf]

The slides for the 40 minute talk (Sigist 18/06/2004) [.pdf]

Recommended NLP websites

NLP University The best online reference to NLP available.

Recommended Related Websites

online version of Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski []

Institute of General Semantics

Recommended Reading

The annotated recommended reading list is currently in draft and only available in pdf format at the moment.

Bits And Pieces

Things that were ruthlessly edited out of the papers. [Transcripts pdf]

Just the facts, the reference pages extracted for easy printing and viewing.