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Announcing API Testing Challenges

Jul 28, 2020

Use Challenges to Practice API Testing

How can you learn and practice API Testing? With a set of challenges designed to guide you through the basic technologies and principles, built into our online gamification learning environment.

Our API Challenges Application has a fully functional cloud hosted API, and a set of challenges to work through.


  • Issue a GET request on the /challenges end point
  • Issue a POST request to successfully create a todo

At the time of writing there are 30+ challenges to complete.

Visual Overview

Cloud Hosted

A version of the application is hosted on Heroku.

  • The API data is public
  • The challenges can be stored against a session in the cloud for you to return to later


You can download the .jar file and run it locally.

If you have java installed, it will run. There are no complicated setup instructions.

The system will automatically start in single player mode and you can use the API without having to compete with other people for the data you want. And all your challenge statuses will be stored in a file and re-loaded when you start the app.


The app has a GUI to make it easy to:

  • explore the data in the application,
  • see what challenges you have completed

API Documentation

The API Documentation is built in, and easily accessible from the GUI.

One of the challenges for all API Testing is… reading and understanding the documentation, and using it to guide your testing.

Suggested uses?

  • Work through the challenges and learn API technology
  • Test the API, and use the API challenges as a rough coverage checklist - did your test approach cover all the challenges?
  • Automate the challenges in whatever tool you want, and use the challenge complete status as a coverage metric for your automated execution.
  • Download the app and run it in multi-user mode locally for your team to work with. Have an internal API challenge and exploration party.

Overview Video

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Learn More and Start Testing

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