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OdinSTAR 2017 - EuroSTAR and Norway Computer Society - Keynote and Workshop

In May 2017, I present a workshop and a keynote. The workshop is based on improving technical testing browser skills and introducing more JavaScript to the participants. And the Keynote helps people improve their test process by introducing strategic and tactical approaches to automating.

OdinSTAR 2017 - EuroSTAR and Norway Computer Society - Keynote and Workshop Thumb Image

OdinSTAR 2017 - EuroSTAR and NCS Oslo May 11th 2017

EuroStar in collaboration with the Norwegian Computer Society, are hosting a one day conference on 11th May in Oslo.

OdinSTAR 2017

I presented a workshop, and a keynote.

  • Keynote: Real World Automating To Support Testing
  • Workshop - Title: “Technical Web Testing and Automating From the Web Developer Tools”

Keynote: Real World Automating To Support Testing

Very often we talk about “Test Automation” when we should be talking about how we automate to support our test strategy and testing process. We can support our strategy and process by tactically automating tasks or by adopting a more strategic approach to our automated execution. In this talk we will explore the difference between automating tactically and strategically so you don’t get fooled by tactics that look like strategy. We will also cover concepts that help you create robust and easy to maintain automated solutions, and the techniques to implement those concepts, to support your all testing: regression, functional, performance, end to end, and exploratory.

Keynote Slides

Keynote Notes

This 45 minute talk stressed 5 main points:

  • abstract for precision not reuse
  • synchronise effectively
  • automate tactically and strategically
  • automate tasks, processes, flows - not ’testing'
  • create architecture not frameworks

A good question on the talk was “How do you move from automating tactically to strategically?”

And I think you do it by a process of refactoring, experimentation and seeing what works.

On previous projects we have:

  • compared approaches that we are doing tactically and discussing pros and cons, also risks for the future and limitations
  • gradually refactored code to make it flexible enough to support our needs

I don’t think any of the approaches were - ‘rewrite to better’ they were always: refactor, evolve, adapt.

Books I recommend to support this are:

  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers
  • Implementation Patterns by Kent Beck
  • Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests by Steve Freeman, and Nat Price

I also recommend learning how to model well. A modern book on modelling is Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans.

Workshop - Title: “Technical Web Testing and Automating From the Web Developer Tools”

In this hands on workshop we will learn to use the Web Developer Tools and JavaScript Console to support our Technical Web Testing.

Through a combination of demonstrations, hands on exercises, and challenges we will interact with, test and automate simple web applications, all from the browser - no other tools need to be installed.

  • Most of the web applications we will use are simple games so we will have fun during this workshop
  • And to justify this to your boss, we will also use real JavaScript applications, written in frameworks such as React and Angular, and learn to test and manipulate them from the browser console

In this short workshop you will add a powerful, and incredibly underused, set of tools and capabilities to your testing skill set.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some Basic HTML and JavaScript
  • How to use the browser dev tools to view source and debug JavaScript
  • How to use the developer console to write simple JavaScript
  • How to interact with Browser applications from the console to create, amend, read and delete data
  • How to work with browser applications below the GUI while staying in the browser
  • Just enough HTML and JavaScript to be dangerous

Requirements To take part:

  • you WILL need a laptop
  • you WILL need an up to date browser installed e.g. MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome (P.S. I’ll be using Chrome)

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