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If you want to automate, you learn to code - Test Automation Guild 2017

I presented online in the Test Automation Guild during January 2017. I suspect online conferences will become a 'thing' so I'm glad to be part of this.

The full version of this talk is available in Evil Tester Talks

If you want to automate, you learn to code - Test Automation Guild 2017 Thumb Image

I spoke at the Test Automation Guild on January 2017 and present “If you want to automate, you learn to code”.

If you want to automate, you learn to code, and you learn to code well.

“Automate” doesn’t mean “Automate Testing” it means “Automate part of your test process”.

You need to learn to code to do that with the most options open to you.

We’ll look at some ‘we do this alot’ and ‘we want to automate’ activities which we can use tools for. But we’ll also see that we are limited by the tools.

When we code, we can do a lot with minimum code, and gain a lot more flexibility.

Then we’ll cover how to think about learning to code.

  • solve a problem quickly (automate tactically)
  • solve a problem for the long term (automate strategically)

To work strategically we need to learn:

  • to code well,
  • understand refactoring,
  • libraries vs frameworks,
  • abstractions,
  • etc.

This talk isn’t just for beginners, we’ll cover stuff that should make it useful for the experts in the audience.

We’ll cover a lot in 45 mins, with code examples and tool examples, and I’ll make it all pretty practical.

About the talk

I want to go beyond the basics presented in “Java for Testers” and show ‘why’ and ‘how it helps’ to have coding skills.

I’m hoping for more online conferences in the future so I think this will be good practice.


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This talk is also available,
with bonuses (e.g. transcript, extra videos,
exercises and resources),
in Evil Tester Talks: Technical Testing.