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Testival Meetup June 2019

A talk about Automating Pragmatically

The full version of this talk is available in Evil Tester Talks

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Testival Meetup 2019

I presented a talk on Automating Pragmatically.

Based on questions I am often asked about automating. I wanted to create a talk where I explained the models I use to help me understand automating and the approach I use for evaluating information about automating that I find online.


The talk was recorded. I have uploaded it to Patreon, and the full talk with Q&A has been uploaded to Evil Tester Talks.

The Blurb

Title: Automating Pragmatically

The online discussions of automating can leave me confused.

  • Should you automate through the GUI?
  • Should GUI automating be banned?
  • Do all testers need to code? Is automating part of testing or not?
  • Do we need to automate to get a job?

In this short session Alan will discuss automating from a pragmatic and contextual position and share how he thinks about automating.

We will leave time for questions, and Alan is happy to answer questions on any testing or development related topic.

The Slides

The slides are available as slides on slideshare

The Talk

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This talk is also available,
with bonuses (e.g. transcript, extra videos,
exercises and resources),
in Evil Tester Talks: Technical Testing.