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The Test Pages

The Test Pages is an application which you can use to practice automating. It is written in Java, runnable locally and has been deployed to the cloud for easy access. All the examples used in the book Selenium Simplified and my Selenium Courses are contained within.

The Test Pages is a simple set of test pages for practicing automating.

Everything runs in memory.

If you run the paplication locally then the ‘file upload’ example will work, and you can issue a “/shutdown” to close the application.

The Test Pages Heroku Hosted Version


The application is open source and full code in on Github:

It is part of The Evil Tester’s Compendium of Testing Apps

It can also be built and deployed independently.

It has been deployed as a multi user application to Heroku


This contain all the examples I use in my Selenium WebDriver training. It is useful for practicing automating.