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2 minute read - Modelling

Checking the model

Feb 3, 2002

Do we want to produce programs that are fault free or do we want to produce programs that allow people to do what they want to do in a quality manner? Ideally I’d prefer both, but humans make mistakes so we should aim for a product that functions in a quality manner. When we achieve that we do it by assuring ourselves of the quality of the models in the software development process as they are produced, and before they are fed into a downstream process that will build new models using the information contained in those models.

How do we assure ourselves that the model is a quality model? We have to know what we want from a model, control the production process as much as possible, check the model when it is done and periodically throughout its production.

This is the fundamental assertion of the T.O.T.E model in psychology [1]. The T.O.T.E model is a sequence of steps: Test, Operate, Test, Exit. With a goal in mind we Test to see if the goal has been achieved, if not then we operate to change something which will hopefully bring us closer to our goal, we test and if the test is satisfied we exit that process as our goal has been achieved.

The T.O.T.E model describes a process of refinement.

[1] Modeling with NLP, Robert Dilts, 1998, Meta Publications

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