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Let's Test 2017 - Evil Tester’s Testing Games of Evil Testing

A fun and frustration filled fight for learning and survival.

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Let’s Test 2017

I will speak at the Let’s Test 2017 in Stockholm on May 15th - 16th 2017 and present Evil Tester’s Testing Games of Evil Testing.

What exactly is a “Testing Game”?

Some people would have you believe it is an off the shelf card game involving wiggly lines, or a ‘fun interactive’ conversation game telling stories, or some other ‘game mechanism’ related to logical reasoning. Or perhaps a party game with dice, optional blindfolds, and random plastic paraphernalia, but never knives. Other people might show you a board game or two, perhaps for 1-4 players of ages 12+ or any age but with adult supervision, two or more dice and possibly involving kittens.

And all of those people would be WRONG.

A “Testing Game” is a game designed and programmed by one or more tester for the purposes of playing by testers. Sure you’ll have fun, but it must also frustrate the player (tester) with an outrageous bug at the most inopportune moment, or an unplayable game without a GUI so you have to use tools to play it, or a game with ‘much’ of the game play exposed, but with the high point scoring opportunities open only to those who have been inducted into the secrets of testing… the secrets that will be shown in this session.

If you are brave enough to enter the “Evil Testers’ Arena of Testing Games of Evil Testing” then you shall learn the secrets of:

  • Viewing Source (Yes! The Ultimate Skill!)
  • Browser Developer Tools
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Using the JavaScript Console
  • Testing REST Services from the Browser
  • REST API Clients
  • Custom Headers
  • PUT, POST, GET Requests
  • The secret of the voodoo drum in the zombie graveyard

And more secrets that will only remain secret until the secrets are revealed in this ‘open to anyone of any skill level so long as they can breathe and have a laptop’ session (feel free to use a tablet if you want to get beaten by everyone else because you’ll be vulnerable without tools, unless you can find equivalent tools for a tablet in which case you might be able to use your skills and knowledge to win, but probably not, becauze laptopz roole!)

You will play:

  • Games of dexterity and skill that run in a browser
  • Games with obvious bugs
  • Games with devious, secret bugs
  • Games with no bugs that we know of but that are just hard to play unless you have the technical skills to do so
  • Games with no bugs that we know of but probably have bugs because they are games implemented as software on a computer that you can test
  • RestMud with new adventure maps and functionality
  • Multi-player RestMud – yes, with other real people, in a virtual dungeon, really doing virtual things

Enter “The Evil Tester’s Arcade of Testing Games of Evil Testing” and:

  • play
  • find bugs
  • fix bugs
  • write code
  • fix code (We have bots that play games badly – you could make them play better)
  • develop new skillz
  • use the skillz you have to earn killz

This is not a workshop about gameification. This is workshop about games for edification and evisceration.

Are you game?

About the talk

This might be the most fun and hands on talk I’ve done.

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