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Tabara de Testare 2016

I attended (virtually) the Tabara de Testare testing group on 3rd February 2016 to present a "Lessons Learned When Automating" talk. A live stream broadcast to 4 Romanian cities, and I was in the UK.

The full version of this talk is available in Evil Tester Talks

Tabara de Testare 2016 Thumb Image

I attended the Tabara de Testare testing group on 3rd February 2015 to present “Lessons Learned When Automating. A live stream from UK to Romania.

The Content

The talk/webinar was drawn from questions submitted by the participants before hand, and from general experiences with automating.

The slides were designed to support offline study so should give a good feel for the content.

The Blurb

I’ve been asked some very challenging questions about lessons learned, and how decisions are made during the process of automating and performing technical testing. In this webinar I’m going to answer them based on my experience. We’ll discus how we know ‘what to automate’ which means we have to split our analysis into ‘detection’ and ’testing’. We’ll cover lessons learned from solving problems, and making mistakes, and steps we can take during the problem solving process e.g. for intermittent failures, and possible tool bugs. We’ll discuss abstraction levels and the different levels of the technology stack to automate: how to do it, and how we make the decisions. We’ll discuss coding primarily the differences, and the overlap, between the needs for coding for testing and coding for production deployment. We’ll also cover some WebDriver specific answers to some of these questions. I’m also going to describe books and techniques that have helped me over the years when trying to deal with these questions on production projects. Also we’ll take additional and follow up questions.

The Slides

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This talk is also available,
with bonuses (e.g. transcript, extra videos,
exercises and resources),
in Evil Tester Talks: Technical Testing.