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Test Management Summit 2015

I presented a session on "Successful Test Automation for Managers" at the Test Management Summit in London in April 2015. We discussed automation from a management perspective.

I attended the Test Management Summit in April 2015 to present a session on Successful Test Automation for Managers.

What do you do if you're a non-technical manager and have to manage test automation? How do you know if your automation is working? How do you know if you (the manager) are getting in the way? Perhaps you should you let the development manager deal with it. After all. Automation is programming. What support do automation staff need from their management team? If you are a technical test manager, what advice would you give to a non-technical test manager?

Alan Richardson has been a technical tester working for non-technical manager's so he knows how managers and their 'needs' get in the way. Alan has also managed automation teams and knows what it takes to build test automation that works.

Bring your experience, and tales of success or woe, and we can learn lessons about managing test automation, and test automators.

Normally, when I present on automation I describe the experiences from a technical point of view.

In this session I wanted to discuss automation from a management point of view. And in particular try to tackle the concerns of managers, who may not have the technical knowledge to fully participate in the construction of automation.

Because of the nature of the Summit - we aim for discussion, but have to be prepared to lead the session as a fall back plan - I created quite a lot of slides. A set of slides that I talked through to prepare the discussion and trigger thoughts and questions in the participants. Then a set of 'emergency' slides presented as mindmaps which I could use to lead the discussion if necessary.

Fortunately the session had a lively crowd that were fully prepared to participate and contribute their questions, issues, concerns and experiences. Allowing me to act as facilitator, summariser and add points which built on the discussion items presented to allow the conversation to flow into the next point.

You can read a longer write up of the conference on the Selenium Simplified automation site.

The slides have been uploaded to slideshare

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