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Agile Testing and Development Consultancy

I can help you improve your Software Testing and Development through consultancy, coaching or training.

If you are facing any of these problems then I have solved them for other clients and can help you:

  • you want to improve your use of Test Automation?
  • your team need to improve fast but you are not sure about the next steps to take?
  • you want to adopt Agile but are not exactly sure how to make your process work?

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Some of the ways that I have helped my clients

Typical approaches for a custom and action oriented, consultancy engagement:

  • Health Check - an investigative overview into our current situation to identify risks, issues and actions for improvement
  • Targeted Improvement - given a known issue, identify ways to improve the situation and experiment with solutions
  • Quick Start - given a particular technology, have someone experienced, implement the technology against our application to determine feasibility, identify risks, and create a foundation to build on
  • Mentoring / Coaching - work with a team to pass on experience and implement some improvements to create a more effective working process
  • Knowledge Sharing - short visits to show & tell, and identify ideas for improvement

Consultancy can be performed remote, or on site.

Test Automation Consultancy

I’ve worked with Test Automation in Java, Ruby, C#, Python, and helped teams with other languages. I’ve even written 3 books on programming and Test Automation.

  • Flaky test automation?
  • Don’t know where to start?
    • Perhaps you need a quick start or proof of concept conducted by an expert?
  • Want to increase re-use potential of your automated code?
    • You need an expert tester and automator. I can help.
  • Your team need a little help to make the right decisions?

Do you want to improve your Test Automation Approach?

Bespoke Improvement Engagements

To really gain a unique advantage, you need help custom tailored and directed at your needs.

Always aimed at helping you quickly and building your own strengths to succeed, whatever the technology or project type.

Want to learn more about action oriented bespoke consultancy?

Remote Test Automation Code Reviews

If you don’t need full test consultancy, but do want expert advice periodically then Test Automation Code reviews might prove useful.

  • Remotely or onsite
  • Sharing lessons learned from experience
  • Helping create more maintainable and readable code
  • Showing why good coding practices are important for Test Automation
  • Saving code that would have been scrapped and started over

Interested in Improving the Quality of your Automation Code?


Contact me for Test Consultancy and help with Selenium WebDriver, Agile and Automating.