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Online Training Course - WebDriver Page Object Abstractions

I have a course on LinkedIn Learning, covering Page Objects and Abstraction Layers for WebDriver and Java.

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Page Objects Abstraction Course

Online Training course to cover page objects and other abstraction layers that we can use to model the application in code.

The Page Object Model is a popular design pattern for automating web applications. Test automators can be more effective if they have mastered multiples ways of creating page objects and understand their pros and cons.

Discover how to model GUI applications as page objects in Selenium, refactor code into abstractions and abstract the details of your infrastructure, dependencies, and even technology elements like buttons and input fields.

Explore the different types of page objects, and discover how to abstract navigation and test data. Plus, find out how to model the execution of an application with domain-specific languages. Also tips on making abstraction design decisions.

You can find the course here

Test Application

The Test Application is a heavily modified version of TodoMVC.

I added:

  • an admin section
  • ability to manage a list of lists

I’m really not sure how much of the original code remains because I simplified it to make it an easier automating target.

Because of the multiple sections:

  • list of lists
  • login
  • admin area
  • list management

There are multiple pages in the app which allows me to explore navigation, page objects and synchronisation.

And because we are looking at Abstraction I also cover a little on Domain Specific Languages in code, and using Cucumber JVM.

The Test Application I created for the course can be found here:

Course Access

The course is available though a Linkedin Learning or Lynda subscription, or to purchase individually.

You can join the course here