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Email Control Center

A free tool for augmenting Microsoft Outlook 2000 running on Windows 95,98, NT, 2000, XP.

This tool is no longer actively developed or supported.

Email Control Center sits in your system tray.

Ready for you to take control over Outlook and your Email tasks. Easy to Configure, simple to use. Try it out Now.

Safe Install. An ECC installation is 2 files: a single executable and an easy to understand help file. No extra dlls required.

ECC is no longer supported. ECC is freeware.

Register with the following details:

  • UserName: Freeware User
  • Registration Code: 1542-B4ED-1D2B-0B2D-CCBC-03FA-0E08-5F84-02D2

Main Location: .zip 1,296 K ..exe 1,264 K

With one click on its icon you see your own customized menu of Microsoft Outlook Functions.

  • Send and Receive All
  • Access your Inbox, Outbox and all other Outlook folders
  • Open folders in new windows
  • Create emails, appointments and other Outlook items directly from the system tray
  • Quickly create timed reminder messages
  • Execute Supporting tools (Outlook Express, Spam blocking tools)

Easy to configure and easy to use, Email Control Center makes Outlook 2000 easy for you.

  • Never hunt for outlook on your task bar again
  • Never hunt around the outlook interface for the one function you use time and time again
  • Save your time and spend it on more important tasks
  • Have one place to go to get what you need