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A Buggy REST API that you can use to practice your testing and automating.

This is an open source application, you can find it as part of:



The online version has some issues but most of the obvious bugs have been fixed.

If you download the application and run it locally then you can start it in Buggy mode to see if you can find them.

java -jar rest-list-system.jar -bugfixes=false

Training Material

This application has been used as the basis for my Basic and Advanced API Workshops, the source code for the workshop has been released as open source and the slides and handouts released for personal study here

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If you find value in the API and documentation then consider supporting this project by buying my case study book Automating and Testing a REST API.

Or supporting this project through Patreon. For $1 a month, you join a community of testers improving their skills and advancing their craft, receive exclusive blog posts, and extra ad free videos. You also help support the test community by covering the costs of the hosting that allows my test applications to be used online at no cost to the end user.