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February 2023 Content Summary

Mar 1, 2023

Content Summary for February 2023 and Patreon.

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Patreon Posts For February 2023

Trying to resolve differences between Automated Unit test behaviour in different environments.

I’ve just created a new repo on Github. This has the generate animated Graphviz cli

Most official documentation for tooling is quite poor.I can however, thoroughly recommend the documentation for Docker.

One low cost way I like to experiment with unit tests is by adding some adhoc parameterisation.

I saw a post on linkedin on calculating Test Automation ROI…

I like to use random data in my automated execution… why?

I’m working on a Spring Boot application at the moment … so many annoations.

A good video on Secure Coding Fundamentals.

Confidence and competence comes from practice. There is no magic. Just practice.

I read through ‘Management Theory - From Taylorism to Japanization’ by John Sheldrake

On Feb 9th 2023 Chatterscan will probably die when twitter stop making their api free. Considering some options.

I thought that it would be easier to use a library to control ffpmeg.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to try and create an animated version of the Graphviz rendering programmatically.

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