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3 minute read - Practice Applications

Applications to Practice Testing and Automating

Mar 2, 2023

TLDR; There is no need to practice testing on public websites and annoy the owners. There are lots of applications to use to practice.

Back in February of 2022 I posted a Twitter thread with a list of practice applications. Now I have converted the thread to a blog post with additional information.

The Compendium of Testing Apps

Many of the applications below have been collated into a Compendium of testing Apps.

This contains, The Pulper, Test Pages and the buggy games.

The above page contains overview videos explaining the application and how to use it to practice.

The Pulper

The Pulper is a full CRUD application with an API. Check out the Admin menu and you’ll see there are multiple versions to test. Oh, and there is a REST API too.

Learn more:

I also created a short online course with a 113 page Workbook to help with practice sessions. These are available to Patreon supporters as part of their Patreon membership.

Rest API Challenges

Challenges for you to complete on a live application with a REST API. There is a GUI to view the data but you won’t need that becuase… you’ll use the REST API. A full set of tutorial videos to learn from.

Learn More:

This is also supported by an online course available to Patreon supporters.

The Test Pages

The Test Pages are a set of online pages to support both Testing and Automating. They don’t come with a lot of instructions, but part of the fun is making your own exercises.

Learn More:

The Todo List

The Todo List is based on the Vanilla JS Todo MVC application, but with more functionality.

Learn More:

This application was used in my LinkedIn Learning Course WebDriver Page Objects and Abstractions

7 Char Validation

7 Char Validation is the first ‘designed for testing’ application I created.

It seems very simple, with two input fields, but I recently revisited it to create additional exercises and now there is a 200+ Page workbook filled with testing exercises using only the 7 Char Validation app. This workbook is available to Patreon Subscribers as part of their membership.

Protect The Square

Protect The Square is part of the Buggy Games Testing Apps.

Learn more: about the course I created a short online course to explain various techniques and exercises using the application. The course and accompanying workbook are available to Patreon supporters.

Selected Examples

From The Test Pages:

Buggy Games

The Buggy Games section has 10 Buggy games with multiple versions for you to test your skills against.

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