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2 minute read - Web Testing

Which Link Checking Tools Do You Use?

Mar 9, 2019

I was asked “Which is the best link checking tool?”. And I don’t know. But I do know that I use Total Validator Pro and a Chrome Plugin called Check My Links.

Which is the best?

It might be useful to know if there is actually a ‘best’ tool in a particular category.

But I find that if you look for “The Best” then you end up continually hunting and are subconsciously unsatisfied with the tools you use.

I covered this topic in my podcast episode The Evil Tester Show - Tools Special.

I use the best I’ve found. And they meet my needs. So I stopped looking.

And I use two:

  • one for batch processing Total Validator Pro
  • one for supporting interactive investigation Check My Links

Total Validator Pro

Total Validator Pro

I’ve written about Total Validator Pro before

It spiders my site:

  • checks links
  • validates against w3c standard
  • and does a bunch of other stuff

I run it periodically and it helps general health of the site, it also gives me a back log of work.

Check My Links from is a Chrome Extension.

It runs against a specific page and visually shows me the state of the links.

I use it after I’ve made a change or am testing a specific page. It runs quickly and I can see any issues visually.

It was the second Chrome extension I tried. It worked for me. I kept using it.

Combination of tools

Rather than looking for “The Best”, look for a combination of tools that support your workflow and requirements.

I prefer cross platform tools where possible so I don’t have to keep too many different names in my memory.

You can see both tools in action in this YouTube video:

If you found this useful then you might be interested in my Online Technical Web Testing 101 course.