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The API Challenges

The API Challenges is an application which you can use to practice API testing and automating. It is written in Java, runnable locally and has been deployed to the cloud for easy access. It contains a functional API and a set of challenges to work through.

The API Challenges is a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API.

It also has a set of challenges that are tracked as you explore and test the API.

Everything runs in memory, or stores challenge session ot files, so there is no database to worry about.

Use The Heroku Hosted Version

About The Challenges Application

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How to Create a Multi-User Session

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The API Challenger is built on “The Thingifier” and downloadable from the release pages.

Download the .jar file from the releases page or specific versions listed below.

  • java -jar apichallenges.jar
  • visit http://localhost:4567


How to Install and Use For Single Player on Win and Mac

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The application is open source and full code in on Github:

It has been deployed as a multi user application to Heroku

Challenge How Tos:

Challenge Debriefs: