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The Data Grid Table Editor and Generator

The Data Grid Table Editor is a simple tool for creating and editing CSV Files, Markdown Tables, Gherkin Data Tables, and HTML Tables with additional functionality for generating JSON and JavaScript arrays. Populate the data table with configurable random data and using during your testing or automating.

The Data Grid Table Editor is a JavaScript single page application for editing data in a grid to create and edit CSV files and Markdown Tables. It can also generate test data for exporting.

Use The Hosted Version

About The Application

A simple Data Table Editor that generates Markdown, CSV or JSON. It can also be used to interchange data between the formats, supporting editing in the grid.

  • Data Grid Table interface
  • drag and drop rows to re-order
  • drag and drop columns to re-order
  • import from file
  • import and export csv
  • import and export markdown
  • import and export json
  • import and export Gherkin
  • export HTML
  • edit all data in the data grid
  • edit data in text area and add to data grid
  • add and delete columns
  • add and delete rows
  • randomly generate thousands of rows of data


I wrote about the creation of this tool and why I created it in this blog post:

In Action video

You can see the test data generation functionality in action in this video:

And explained in this blog post.