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2 minute read - Tools Proxies

Tutorial on Burp Suite Repeater and Intruder

Apr 21, 2011

I use the free community edition of Burp Suite in my work.

Burp Suite is an HTTP Proxy which allows me to Observe, Interrogate and Manipulate HTTP Messages.

I cover proxies in more detail in my Technical Web Testing 101 Online Course

The following videos are some of the earliest tool demo videos I created from 2011.

Intercept and Site Map

I recommend that if you want to go further with technical web testing you read the book “The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook” written by the people behind the Burp Suite tool.

A simple overview of Burp Suite, in particular the Intercept and Site Map functionality. I don’t cover the nuances of usage, but I cover enough to get you started. So if you haven’t started using a proxy server as an essential part of your web testing… no excuses – start here:

Tutorial on Repeater and Intruder

This tutorial on Burp Suite covers the Repeater and Intruder functionality.

  • Repeater allows you to play back a message to the server and amend it before it goes out.
  • Intruder allows you to play back messages, with various elements of the message varying with each playback e.g. a different set of parameters

In the tutorial video I explain how I use each function in my testing.

Other proxy tools do similar things.