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How to highlight elements in use with Selenium WebDriver?

Jun 29, 2020

How can we highlight the elements in use with Selenium WebDriver?

A reader asked for recommendations on how to use Selenium to make the elements in use visible.

Note: The earlier version of Selenium had a “Highlight” command. This blog post was originally written on 20100630 describing how to use that. The post has been updated in 2020 for Selenium WebDriver.

The Question

Selenium-RC had highlight which flashed the control yellow. A small helper function help debugging so people could see some indication of what elements your script touches.

I can see why you might want to to highlight the locator elements in use at the time and error happens, if you take screenshots automatically when a test fails.

And now, with the notion of “Observability”, we might consider, how can I make my automated execution visible to an external observer.

An Approach

I would start by first creating a simple class which can highlight elements.

  • Given a driver and a desired background colour
public class HighlightElement {
    private final WebDriver driver;
    private final String backgroundColour;
    WebElement lastElement;
    String lastElementOrigColour;

    public HighlightElement(final WebDriver driver, 
                            final String backgroundColour) {
        this.driver = driver;
        this.backgroundColour = backgroundColour;
  • have a method which can highlight a given element
  • it also remembers which element we last added a highlight to, so that we don’t litter the page with highlighted elements
  • I’m using a very simple approach of changing the background colour of the elements.
    public WebElement highlight(WebElement newElement){

        // turn off last element
                    driver, this.lastElementOrigColour);

        lastElement = newElement;


            this.lastElementOrigColour = 

            setBackgroundColourOfElement(newElement, driver,

        return newElement;
  • the actual work of setting the background colour is done by a simple JavaScript script
  • Casting the driver to JavascriptExecutor allows running the script to change the background colour of the element
  • catch any errors just in case something goes wrong
    private void setBackgroundColourOfElement(final WebElement element, 
                                              WebDriver driver, 
                                              final String desiredColour) {

        try {
            ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(
                            element, desiredColour);
        }catch(Exception e){
            if(e instanceof StaleElementReferenceException){
                // ignore
            }else {
                System.out.println("Error setting background colour of element");

And this could then be used in a test:




This would allow adhoc highlighting if needed.

What if highlighting was always on?

To make highlighting always on, I would want to do that at a driver level and could use an EventFiringWebDriver with a listener which trapped:

Some interaction events:

  • beforeClickOn
  • beforeChangeValueOf

And the ‘find’ event:

  • afterFindBy

And this would basically delgate off to the HighlightElement class we created earlier.

public class ElementHighlighter implements WrapsDriver {
    EventFiringWebDriver driver;

    public ElementHighlighter(final WebDriver aDriver, 
                              final String desiredBackgroundColour) {
        driver = new EventFiringWebDriver(aDriver);
        driver.register(new ElementHighlighterListener(
                                    driver, desiredBackgroundColour));

    public WebDriver getWrappedDriver() {
        return driver;

    private class ElementHighlighterListener extends
                             AbstractWebDriverEventListener {

        HighlightElement highlighter;

        public ElementHighlighterListener(WebDriver driver, 
                                          final String highlightColour) {
            highlighter = new HighlightElement(driver, highlightColour);

        public void beforeClickOn(final WebElement element,
                                final WebDriver driver) {
            super.beforeClickOn(element, driver);

        public void beforeChangeValueOf(final WebElement element, 
                                        final WebDriver driver, 
                                        final CharSequence[] keysToSend) {
            super.beforeChangeValueOf(element, driver, keysToSend);

        public void afterFindBy(final By by, final WebElement element, 
                                final WebDriver driver) {
            super.afterFindBy(by, element, driver);

Full Source

The full source for this is in my Webdriver Java FAQs project:


If you want to learn how to use Selenium WebDriver with Java then check out our online courses.