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2 minute read - Exploratory Testing

A live exploratory testing session recorded

Nov 21, 2016

TLDR; Because we don’t see many videos showing exploratory testing in action, where people test, and explain why they are testing. I created an up to date video. I encourage you to critique the testing.

I recorded an exploratory testing session. And its pretty raw with minimal edits.

  • I kept it to 15 mins.
  • It is painful for me to watch in places - you can probably see why.
  • I encourage you to repeat the session and see how you would approach it
  • Investigate the bug I found - is it a bug?
  • What tools would you use?

You can watch it on YouTube I’ll release a full video critique of the session in a few days.

I’ve left a gap to see give you the chance to:

  • review the session and critique in your own way
  • repeat the same test session and compare how you do it, with how I did it
  • investigate the defect found in more detail
  • offer any comments on the session prior to my critique and we can compare

And even if you come to this post late - you can still do any/all of the above, prior to watching my critique commentary and have that influence your thinking.

I want to do more live sessions (with a directors commentary critique), so if you have any systems you thing I should test let me know.

I encourage you to do something similar as I have in this video: test things and critique of your own testing.

And if you want to improve the world of testing then report your testing and your critique publicly.

If you mess up, don’t be afraid to admit it. I make mistakes. I use them to improve.

Now… “Let’s Explore” with “Google Search”