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Apr 21, 2020 - 2 minute read - Software Testing Test Automation Evil Tester

On-demand and Online Testing Conference Talks

TLDR; I have a collection of on-demand conference talks and webinars available for only $10.

With Online conferences become the en vogue delivery mechanism. I realised that I already have an online and on-demand conference.

My “Evil Tester Talks” bundle has recordings, both live and pre-recorded, of talks I have presented at conferences and gatherings.

Over 18 conference talks and webinars are available.


With bonuses:

  • extra content that I couldn’t fit in
  • pdf transcripts for some talks
  • extra handouts and exercises
  • ‘directors’ commentary on the talks

I still have a few conference talk recordings on my hard drive that I need to add to the bundle, but at the moment that’s a lot of material.


Topics span:

  • Automation
  • Technical Web Testing
  • Software Testing Basics
  • Mobile Testing
  • Testing Process
  • Testing Psychology

Talks Included

And Currently in the bundle we have:

  • A Guide to Testing Web Applications (Dev Fest 2019)
  • Automating Pragmatically (Testival Meetup June 2019)
  • Lessons Learned from automating, programming and marketing. (Joy of Coding 2019)
  • Testing from First Principles (Eurostar keynote 2019)
  • Technology Based Technical Testing (Agile Testers Conference 2018)
  • Exploring Testing From First Principles (Keynote from Eurostar 2018)
  • Technical Mobile Testing (from Eurostar 2015)
  • How to Improve your Technical Test Ability (Keynote from AADays 2015)
  • Risk Mitigation Using Exploratory and Technical Testing
  • Your Automated Execution Does Not Have to be Flaky
  • Push Your Functional Testing Further
  • Test Automation Guild 2017
  • Effective Software Testing For Modern Software Development
  • How to Survive Agile & DevOps - a Test Management Guide
  • A Technical Deep Dive into Practical Test Automation (Fusion Meetup 2017)
  • Automate Or Die - Real World Automation Survival (TestWorksConf 2015)
  • Practical Lessons Learned in Test Automation (Test Automation Day 2015)
  • Webinars:
    • Ask Me Anything (Test Tribe 2019)
    • Lessons Learned from Automating - Tabara Webinar 2016

These are all hosted on the online platform so there are no YouTube ads to contend with.

And I’ve historically kept the price of this low to allow access to this material to as many people as possible. So you can get an all access on demand pass for only $10.

More information over at

Promo Video

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