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JavaScript Browser Automating

Welcome to this support page for the “Automating from the Browser with JavaScript” course.


The main resources you will are likely to use for adhoc reference to learn JavaScript are:

Extra Material


  • I have a micro-course in my Patreon which shows step by step how to use the automating in a browser techniques to hack a simple game.
  • My Technical Web Testing 101 course has a section on these techniques using The Evil Tester Sloganizer and a different instantiation of TodoMVC

Blog Posts and Videos

Apps to Practice on

Apps to learn from

  • Check out this Useful Snippets Chrome Extension by Viv Richards and Alan Richardson, it has small snippets of code you can use for testing, and when you use them it will show the code and a version of the code pre-formatted as a bookmarklet in the console.
  • Check out this JavaScript Bot Showcase Chrome Extension by Alan Richardson which has sample bots for Twitter and various games.